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The age of information is definitely upon us as we are bombarded with news from all over the place. From our cell phones, computers, and even tablets, we can access information everywhere, anywhere and at any time.

Many times, information gets lost in the flow of a regular newsworthy day. Even this year, the changes in the Facebook algorithm has seen some losing over 90% of their engagements; i.e. – comments, likes, discussions, etc. As a result, many are losing communication and the sharing of information.

Here is a list of the newsletters I currently publish during the week. Take a moment and read the descriptions Feel free to sign-up for one of all of them and see how you can start living better each week.

Remember, the newsletters arrive at no-cost.

Before reading the newsletter descriptions, here are a few items to note regarding the newsletters I send out.  Here is “The Newsletter Policy” as a summary.

  • MailChimp is the preferred newsletter software.
  • Your email address will not be sold or shared.
  • From time to time, a special newsletter will be sent regarding offers, giveaways or free products.
  • You are free to unsubscribe at any time.
  • The newsletters can be shared with others unless otherwise noted.

The Preacher’s Pen Newsletter


Category: Religion, Spiritually, Ministry

Schedule: Sent on Tuesdays at 10 am

Frequency: Once a week (with a few special emails throughout the year)

The weekly Preacher’s Pen Newsletter is sent out every Tuesday to provide resources with for their spiritual development. The newsletter typically contains a few links to study material, free images you can use, links to articles from the Preacher’s Pen, links to “News You Can Use,” plus more.

The Preacher’s Pen Newsletter is a resource based newsletter to assist you in your spiritual development as you grow and as you seek to help others in growth. From time to time, the newsletter will contain material you can download and customize for your ministry.

You can sign-up here:

The Road to Better Living Newsletter


Category: Personal Development, Small Business, Motivational

Schedule: Sent on Fridays at 10 am

Frequency: Once a week (with a few special emails throughout the year)

The Road to Better Living Newsletter is also called the #FridayFive. The newsletter is five things that cross my desk during the week related to personal development, small business, and motivational material. The list is short, and it takes about 3 minutes to read the newsletter; it is long if you click the links.

The newsletter typically contains a quote to consider, a product review, a reading recommendation and a few links to articles that stir your mind. There are different areas covered each week.

You can sign-up here: Look at the top right corner of the sign-up form.


The Christopher M. Gallagher Newsletter


Category: Writing, Comedy, Normal Gallagher Chaos

Schedule: Sent on Mondays at 10 am

Frequency: Once a week (with a few special emails a few times a month)

On Monday of next week (March 26th, 2018), the first issue of the Christopher M. Gallagher newsletter will reach inboxes.  This newsletter will focus on a variety of writing and writing techniques, product reviews and tips to live better each day. There will be some links to videos and other material to give you a little laugh to start the week.

Regarding the “Normal Gallagher Chaos,” there will be various articles on “Just Some Thoughts” covering current issues, challenging ideas and how to live better. If you follow me on social media, you already know part of what this means.

You can sign-up for the newsletter here:

Which newsletter will you subscribe to today?

Will you describe to all of them?

One more question: What would you like to see in a newsletter? Email me and let me know.

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