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Types of Goals and How to Set Them

Types of Goals and How to Set Them

First, do you have goals?

Second, what are they?

Third, are you achieving them?

It is very important for us to have goals for every stage in our lives. A life without a goal is only an aimless journey, in which we have no clue about our progress.  More often than not, we don’t set goals because we don’t understand how to set them.

In this article, let’s discuss about the main types of goals we need to have in our lives and the way in which we need to set them.

Major Types of Goals

Broad classifications

Goals can be broadly classified into two types – result-oriented (or outcome) goals and performance (or execution) goals.

There may be many more types that you would have heard of, but all of them fall into either of these two broad categories. As the name indicates, outcome goals are those that focus on the result whereas performance goals are those that give importance to the process/execution or implementation of actions that help you achieve a particular result.

Common classifications

Goals can be long-term goals or short-term.  Usually, goals that are set for a time of around 1 to 5 years are considered as short-term, whereas goals set for a time longer than 5+ years are considered as long-term.

For example: planning to save enough to take your family on an international holiday is a short-term goal. Planning your finances well so that you can enjoy your retired life peacefully is a long-term goal.

Long-term goals

These are further classified into lifetime goals and capstone goals.

Lifetime goals are the ultimate goals that you plan to obtain at a certain stage in your life. Capstone goals are periodic or interim goals that help you achieve the long-term goal.

In previous example, having a peaceful and financially secure retired life is your lifetime goal. Small goals that help you in this objective (such as putting aside monthly savings regularly, choosing your investments carefully, planning for contingencies, etc.) are capstone goals.

Short-Term Goals

These are further classified into foundational and provisional goals.

Foundational goals are very short-term goals that you plan to achieve within one year. Provisional goals are those that you can set yourself on a daily basis so that it helps you to prioritize your work.

How to Set Your Goals

No matter if you are setting goals for your personal or professional lives, you should always remember to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. No, we don’t mean your goals should be intelligent. S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

Specific – Be very specific about what you want to achieve and by when, as it will give you a clear idea to plan your goals accordingly.

Measurable – You should be able to measure the success of your goals at different stages so that you can be sure of travelling on the right path.

Attainable – You need to be reasonable while setting goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself and set impractical goals that you have no clue where to go.

Relevant – Set goals related to your overall personality development. There is no need to travel the road less explored or thinking out of the box if you can do without innovation in your life.

Time-Bound – All your goals (short-term and long-term) should have a completion target. Having a set deadline will motivate you to work hard to achieve your goals.

So, what type of goals are you setting?

Are you setting S.M.A.R.T. goals to help you achieve your success?

More coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Just some thoughts,

Bounce Back – The Ebook

“Finally! Discover How You Can Turn Failures And Mistakes Into Stepping Stones For Success!”

Uncover The Truth About Failure and Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of it. Learn How You Can Use it as a Powerful Weapon To Finally Achieve Success in Life!

Failure is not something we can avoid in life. Everyone will fail at one time or another.

But, failure is not something to be afraid of either. In fact, it should be embraced if you ever want to find any kind of success in life.

Successful People Failed

Even the most successful people in the world are not exempt from failure.

In fact, they have probably failed more times than the average person! Most of them have failed spectacularly and fallen flat on their faces.

But, it didn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams. They learned from their mistakes and adjusted their strategies as they slowly carved their path to success.

We only see successful people in their successful form. We didn’t see the tears, the hardships, the countless sleepless nights they spent building their fortunes. We didn’t see how they reacted when failure hit them full force and knocked them to their knees.

The truth is, successful people are people just like you and me. At one time, they were exactly like the majority of the population – living average lives and nursing their bruised egos and hiding away in their comfort zones.

However, they had big dreams. And they were passionate about their dreams. No matter how life tried to knock them down, they bounced back and fought with every fiber of their being.

They overcame their failures and mistakes, they learned from the experience, and eventually came out stronger and more confident.

Do you want to be like them? Do you want to be successful someday?

So, the big question is this:


Why Are You Still Unsuccessful?


  • Is failure something you have an issue with?
  • Is it holding you back from achieving anything?
  • Do you fear criticism and rejection?
  • Do you find it hard to believe you’ll ever amount to anything in life?
  • Are you lacking the motivation to pursue your dreams?
  • Are you scared of taking risks and leaving your comfort zone?
  • Do you easily give in to temptations and distractions?
  • Are you still obsessing over your past failures?
  • Do you keep on comparing yourself with more successful people?

How Do You Bounce Back From Failure?

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Writing Opportunities for Anyone

Writing Opportunities for Anyone

As some of you know, I love giving people opportunities to better their skills and broaden their horizons. I believe each person has been given a set of skills based on their personality and we are asked to use those skills to better the world.  When each one uses their skill set, a great purpose and work ethic are discovered, and the results are a life well lived.

Occasionally, I run across different opportunities for individuals that I usually share privately or on my Facebook page, but these current opportunities are a little different.  These are open to anyone willing to write a few words on a topic they enjoy.

To this end, I have run across several writing opportunities that are available to a select few looking to get into writing, sharpen their writing skills, or find their articles online to begin to create a small portfolio of their work.

The opportunities I have are on a voluntary basis, and there is no current financial compensation for these offers. However, this is something that you can use to enhance and further your writing skills and get published on a blog or more.

Due to the opportunities being voluntary, there are no deadlines, no contracts, and no one peering over your should demand information. You set your schedule. You can start and stop submitting articles at any time.

Still want to know more? Read on below.

The Current Opportunities Available Are:

A Coffee Blog – If you are a coffee enthusiast, a coffee drink, or a coffee addict, this opportunity might be for you. This opportunity is for an article or two to be published on a coffee website.

A Survival Blog – Are you a prepper? Maybe you are not even a prepper? Maybe you are someone who likes tactical and survival topics? If so, there is a writing opportunity for you. This opportunity is available for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to write about topics/issues about outdoor recreation and living.

A Men’s Blog – An opportunity has arisen for someone to write on a blog about men. The blog centers around men’s products, but opportunities are available for writers to discuss topics that deal with men’s issues, likes, and anything surrounding men.

A Christmas Product Blog – Are you a Christmas person? You know what I mean, those people who are already countdown the days to Christmas? If you are, then here is the opportunity to write for a blog dealing with Christmas gifts.  You can write your favorite Christmas stories, humor or even a sentimental story.

A Journaling Blog – Do you like journaling? Do you have ideas to share regarding journaling? This is an opportunity to write about journaling and products. Use your current experience in journaling and begin writing articles.

Additional Opportunities:

There might be other opportunities coming in the future. Each of these opportunities will cover a different niche.

The availability of the additional opportunities are being considered, but the final details are not finished at this time. Once the final plans are complete, writers will be considered in terms of their previous experience. These opportunities listed above will give you the experience and skills to take your writing to the next level. Those who are currently writing will be considered before any new applications.

The Opportunity Qualifications:

  • Each article must be at minimum 500 words; preferably 1,000.
  • The graphics for each article will be provided. If you would like to use one of your pictures with the article, permission must be granted as well as your name with the photo stating it is your photo.
  • The article(s) will be published on schedule for that particular website. When you are articles are finalized, you will be alerted to the publishing date.
  • Your name will be listed as the author of the article, and your contact information may be posted on the article if you desire. Your contact information may include your name, email, social media information, etc.
  • Your article might appear in the website’s newsletter if one is available. The newsletters are sent on a recurring basis.
  • This is your opportunity. You can start and stop and any time. There are no deadlines or contracts; it is purely voluntary.
  • You are free to apply for multiple opportunities if you are interested.

The Fun Stuff:

Your article will be shared on several locations to drive traffic to the specific website. The article will be published from time to time across multiple forms of social media. (examples: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.)

Each article submission is on a voluntary basis with no financial compensation offered. By submitting an article, you are acknowledging that you are not accepting, or expecting to accept any compensation for your article.

The submitted articles will be reviewed, and slight changes might be made to the formatting, the grammar, spelling errors, etc. The changes will not affect the overall article, and those changes will be shared with you before publication.

The Good Stuff:

Are you looking to write for one of the opportunities above? If you are looking to get started, email me and I will send you more details of the opportunities.

The good stuff is this can be used as a way to meet your writing goals and work on a project to begin to build your portfolio. This can be your start to enhancing your writing or strengthen your communication skills.

Are you still interested?

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BleuPage Ultimate – Product Review – Social Media Management Software

BleuPage Ultimate: A Product Review

For the past few years I have searched for a Social Media Management software to handle the various social media accounts I run every day; from personal, to ministry, to hobbies. I wanted a simple software that I could efficiently use and not have to pay a monthly fee.

I wanted software that fit three requirements:

  • Easy to Use
  • Low cost
  • Reliable

As I searched the internet, I found countless of “Free” Social Media Management software packages, but none of them would hold a large number of accounts, or post to the social media accounts that I wanted to share information. Some of the free ones would not schedule posts which was one of my top requirements. To schedule posts, I would have to upgrade to the ‘Premium” or “Standard” packages, which included a monthly fee.

I kept searching and found BleuPage Pro. Bleupage Pro allowed for a variety of the exact features I wanted in a social media management software package. I used Bleupage Pro for a while, and it fit my needs perfectly, but there were a couple of features I still wanted; then came BleuPage Ultimate.

Now I use BleuPage Ultimate.

My Account Screenshot

I purchased BleuPage Ultimate once (a one-time fee)  it came out and found it to be twice as beneficial. The features I wanted were enhanced with BleuPage Ultimate. Here is a quick description:

Managing Posts

The main functionality I wanted was not the ability to post but to manage those posts on several different social media accounts. Using BleuPage Ultimate’s One-Click Publisher, I can post to the social media accounts I select – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and more from the same screen. I do not need to open five browser windows anymore. I manage the social networks all from one page.

The One Click Publisher

Scheduling Posts

Another requirement I had was the ability to schedule posts. BleuPage Ultimate allows me to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and post precisely when I want. Being able to plan posts is powerful because I can schedule a month’s worth of posts in just one day.

I can posts status updates, photos, links and more days, weeks, or months in advance. Just a few weeks ago, I posted a few images around upcoming holidays this year. Once the day comes, they will post without me having to do anything but watch.

Scheduling Posts

Content Fetcher

Since I run a few Facebook pages, providing them with content is necessary to spark engagements and comments. The Bleupage Ultimate Content Fetcher allows me to pull articles from one of the websites I own and post them on a set posting schedule. The Content Fetcher will pull articles from the websites I select and post them at a time I choose to the accounts I choose.

There are several more features that you can find out about by watching the BleuPage Ultimate Demo Video by Clicking Here.

The Pros and Cons

This is where the rubber meets the road. As I have been using Bleupage Ultimate for a while now, I have discovered a few pros and cons ai want to share:


  • Simple to Use – This software is straightforward to use. You log into your social media accounts, and you are ready to go. Each account can be selected from a menu so you can share to one of them or all of them.
  • Low Cost – There is no monthly fee (current as of 4/3/2018). As of right now, there is no monthly fee to use BleuPage Pro. It will only be a matter of time until the monthly fee begins. You can purchase the software now for a one-time fee.
  • Excellent Support – There were a few issues I have had, but the support handled each one. With a quick email, I can send my support request off, and I get an email back within 24 hours. There are tutorials and videos available as well.
  • Simple AnalyticsBleuPage Ultimate provides simple analytics for your social media accounts. These analytics help to understand when your posts are finding engagements with your fans and friends.


  • Email Support – The support for BleuPage Ultimate is email based; meaning, you correspond through email with the support team. Currently, there is no phone support available. You might have to send a few emails back and forth before the issue is resolved.
  • NewnessBleupage Ultimate is still relatively new, and there have been a few small bugs to work out, but things are running smooth. The early bugs were found in logging into accounts, but the bugs are in the past now.

Did I mention that Bleupage Ultimate also allows you to post to your WordPress website and YouTube?

Find out more here

Click Here to See BleuPage Ultimate.


Are you in need of Social Media Management? If so, I have a few more spaces available to manage the social media accounts for your personal fan page, your business page, your organizational page or your church page. If you need a social media account management professional, let me know. You can use the contact page here.

Why Goals Fail

Why Goals Fail

2018 is passing away pretty fast. It seems like only yesterday that we were closing out 2017 and now we are three months into the new year.

How are you doing on your goals for 2018?

By May 1st, many people have failed on the majority of their goals. They never planned on failing, but they lost the motivation. When they set the goals they were highly motivated, but in the course of life, their motivation got lost. At other times, people fail in their goals because they make the goals without considering where they want to be in the future.

Take a moment and consider the list below. See how, even in the goals where you failed, you can get back on track to finish teh year strong.

People set goals to fill time instead of filling a purpose

Many set goals as they schedule their week. They look to fill the time instead of working towards the purpose set before them. Goals should be set with the end in mine. Personally, I plan my goals by looking toward the future. I look as far as 20 years from now  and work backward. I plan using a 20-10-5-1 philosophy (see an example below). I plan this way to get an overall pictures of the future. I like to think of it as “Living Life backwards.”

  • Where do I want to be in 20 years?
  • Where do I want to be in 10 years?
  • Where do I want to be in 5 years?
  • Where do I want to be in 1 year?
  • What am I doing about those goals today?

People set goals based on someone else’s expectations

Some will set goals based on what others think they should do.

There are many people who have lived their life because someone else thought they needed a certain career. For instance, I know people who were told they should be engineers and they are, but everyday the hate their job. They are only there because someone else said it would be good for them.

Are the goals you are setting for yourself, your goals?

People set goals not based according to their abilities

Your abilities are yours for a reason. People set goals which are not in line with their abilities as a person of purpose. Many seek to be a “jack-of-all-trades” and turn out to be a “master-of-none.”

Discovering your top three abilities is powerful in achieving your purpose in life. As you discover your abilities, you will blend those abilities into your daily life and powerful things begin to happen. Take time to examine your goals according to your abilities and see great things take place.

  • Examine your abilities and find your top three abilities.
    • Ask others  what they would classify as your top three abilities.
    • Focus 80% of your time on your top three abilities.
    • Use your abilities to serve someone else.

Take a look at your goals again; are they your goals?

Just some thoughts,