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Just about anyone I have met has told me there is at least one thing they want to change in their life and many of them have told me there is at least one thing they need to change.

I imagine your experience with people has been the same. Most people will tell you that they have at least one wish or desire to change something about their life and others will tell you there is something they need to change.

What intrigues me is the number of people who don’t make any type of move to change whatever the one thing the need or want to change. I have found that the number one reason for not attaining a certain goal is often a lack of motivation.

Some believe not attaining the goal they set is a lack of effort as opposed to a lack of motivation, but let’s give it some additional thought. Allow me to share with you some reasons why people don’t put the effort into making a lifestyle change.

#1 – People Have No Reason

In order to make any type of change in your life you need to have a good reason to do so.

Having a goal is wonderful but the reason you have to reach your goal is probably more important. If you want to change your job then you need to have a reason for doing so, reasons could include; wanting more money, to move to a new location or for more opportunities.

What is your reason for wanting to change your life?

#2 – Setting too large of a goal.

Some people set a goal so large they are unable to attain it.

Take for instances weight loss. I feel that this is a perfect example for many people.

If you need to lose 70 pounds don’t focus on this amount. Instead if you set smaller goals of 7 pounds per month you will find that you can stay on track better. If you meet this goal faster than one month that is great then just keep on going. If you are struggling or lose a little less then don’t give up, just refocus and set your next monthly goal at 5 pounds.

Most people will focus on the larger goal and forget the sub-goals they need to achieve on the journey.

So, have you broken your goals down into manageable steps?

#3 – Not Having a Vision

A wise king once said, “Without vision, the people perish.”

Having a vision of what you want is a great way to stay motivated and it is why many people recommend keeping track of your goals.

Keeping track of your goals can be done in various ways depending upon your goal. If your goal is to lose weight then keep photos and images of your progress. If it is another type of goal then keep a journal or blog of your journey.

Keeping track of your goals is a way you can see what you are struggling with and what you are accomplishing.

Are you keeping track of your goals?

#4 – No Support

Can you imagine having no support for success?

You may be a person who does not get any support to assist you in making the changes you need to make in life. If so, then you need to find a group of people to support and hold you up.

Not having a support network is another reason why many people don’t make the effort to change their lives. Getting the support from family and friends can really make a world of difference to your goals.

Who is supporting you during your change?

If you put these four factors into practice you will find that you have both the drive and commitment to finally make those lifestyle changes you have dreamed about.

Just some thoughts,