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Every week, I try to learn something. Some weeks are much better than others and some are worse than others.  Last week was a pretty funny week, but a very busy week. Below are “Four Things I Thought Last Week.”

These are my own thoughts

1 – Parents who do not abide by the car rider line procedure at schools should have their license revoked!

Last week I got cut-off in the car rider line. Seriously? I could not believe it, but this is not the first time this has happened. There have been other times where someone decides to make up their own rules and cuts everyone off. I believe those individuals are not practicing the Golden Rule and are not abiding by the car rider line procedures. Therefore, they should have their license revoked.

Along with this point, if your child does not know how to get in and out of a car in the car rider line, teach them. The steps are simple and should be easy to follow.

Steps for Morning Car Rider Drop-Off:

  1. Parents – Get in the right line.
  2. Children – While in line, begin gathering stuff.
  3. Parents -Tell your child goodbye in line, before opening the car door.
  4. Children – Unbuckle seatbelt when the car stops, open door and get out. (If the child has trouble getting out of the car, I believe a swift shove with your hand or foot helps them to exit the vehicle.)
  5. Parents – Drive away. There is no need to watch them walk into school. Just drive away.

Steps for Afternoon Pick-Up:

  1. Parents – Get in the right line and DO NOT CUT ANYONE OFF.
  2. Children – Grab your belongings and listen for your name to be called for pick-up.
  3. Parents – While in line, clear area for the child to sit. There is no need to wait until your child opens the door to move everything, do it in line.
  4. Children – When your name is called, walk to the appropriate area, form a single file line and await instructions.
  5. Parents – When you stop to pick up your child, do not open their door. If your child cannot open their door (except for special needs and kindergarteners) then you need to put them on the bus.
  6. Children – Get in the car.
  7. Parents – Drive away. There is no need to have a full discussion while still in line. get off your phone and drive.

If you cannot follow the above instructions, put your kid on a bus.


2 – The Cup may not be half-full or half empty; it might be broken.

The old question of being half-empty or half-full is a way of determining optimism of pessimism. However, what is the cup is just broken. I guess it is a different way of looking at the same question. Many times, a different perspective is what is needed as we consider a different view.

Changing perspective takes us out of our comfort zone, but that may be the best thing we need. Breaking ourselves out of the current mold of thought can bring another view into focus. The past view might the be right view, but we might never realize that until we change the perspective we currently own.

Do you need to change perspectives? I bet if you change perspectives on  a problem you are experiencing or a project you are working on, you might see a side you never thought of before. It is worth another look.

This occurred to me when I had one of my favorite coffee cups sitting on the counter and I knocked it to the floor, watching is breaking into pieces.

So, is your cup broken, half-full or half-empty?


3 – Relaxing is hard.

I am a recovering Type-A personality. I am trying; I seriously am, but it is hard, very hard.

For 2018 I have set no goals. Yes, I have no goals. Typically, I spend a few days preparing goals for reading, teaching, personal productivity and more, but this year, I set no goals. My long-term vision has changed over the past few years and I decided to approach this year differently.

Not setting any goals has created a better sense of thought as to what are the top priorities for the day and the week. I am still planning the weeks for family events, church events, writing time, study time, speaking preparation, etc. but it is a little harder.  My goals used to be the top priority, but now, relationships, people, and personal time have become a must-have for each week.

The biggest area of frustration is the ability to relax. To close the computer, turn off electronics and chill. I typically do not watch much TV, except at night, but even find a show to chill out and watch as my mind wonders is hard. I guess it is too much Type-A personality still remaining.

What do you do to relax?

4 – Time is More Valuable Than Money

I was heard Jim Rohn say, “Time is more valuable than money. You can always get more money, but you can never get more time.” As soon as I heard those words, I wrote them down and set them aside to give them time to contemplate later.

Over the years, I have found those words to be true. Time passes quicker than we first think it will. The Good Book says that “life is a vapor that appears for a little while then vanishes away.” Time is short. I am told, as well get older, time will pass much faster. Those much older than I tell me that the days seem to be passing quicker and quicker.

Who are you spending time with?

Are you spending time with your family?

Just some thoughts,