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There are several things in life that I enjoy like traveling.

I like travelling and speaking; sometimes speaking more than the traveling and other times it is the traveling more than the speaking.

I have never been someone to like staying at home all the time; even though I find home to be the relaxation place that truly matters.

My travels have not been as extensive and broad as some people I know. I know others who have millions, and millions of Frequent Flier miles stacked up and enjoy vacations to any destination they choose. My travels have been a day away for a small period.

I always enjoyed traveling and even preparing to go. From mapping out the destination, getting a list of items and even trying to live as minimal as I can for a few days; it is all quite fun.

Airlines: Rarely

Rarely do I travel by airline anymore. I used to travel by airline a bunch, but now I find nothing better than a drive to my destination. I have not driven more than 11.5 hours to a destination, but one day I might make a two or three-day driving journey. I figure it will be fun, but tiring.

The thought of driving makes the trip longer, but due to the age of technology, it makes it a little easier. With the aid of hands-free communication in the car, I can make calls to those I need to catch up with; I can send text messages (yes, by voice), listen to a variety of podcasts, add/delete/change dates on my calendar.

Automation makes it so much easier to drive. I decided a few years ago to take advantage of every moment. There are times I turn the music up (streaming music that is) and drive with the windows down to enjoy the breeze.

A Traveling Minimalist

I am a minimalist when traveling when it comes to most things. I enjoy the thought of not taking everything, but there are times I forget what I need. I have forgotten shoes, belts, shirts and even a Bible when I was speaking at a church once.

Sometimes being minimal is a barrier and not a blessing.

Over the years I have tried to perfect my travel routine, but I always look for ways to improve and become more efficient. I have been attempting to carry less with me, but that does not always work. For example, I enjoy reading from the Kindle, but there are times where a physical book is better. You hold a book differently than a Kindle; it feels better, and I even find myself becoming less distracted.

Do you have a travel routine?


My Ideal Travel List:

If I had to construct an “Ideal Travel List” it would be pretty straightforward.

I feel like I have reached an age where I have pretty much everything I need, and I try to use almost everything I have. With that in mind, I still take many different things with I travel; some required and some just in case they are needed.

Here is the start of the “Ideal Travel List.”

A Not Too Big, Not Too Small RV – Many times having an RV to travel in would be spectacular. The thought of being able to drive your house intrigues me. However, paying for hundreds of gallons of gas each trip does not. Since my regular travel car, a 2012 Toyota Camry, gets about 40 MPG on the highway (it’s not a hybrid), going to 10 miles per gallon is something to consider.

What I like about the thought of having a small RV is being able to have most everything handy. I like the fact I can cook my food and not have to worry about finding a hotel with a microwave, fridge and other amenities. Having a refrigerator and a stove, as well as a microwave, in an RV is a bonus. Being able to purchase all the groceries I need for a trip is a bonus.

The quietness of an RV is worth consideration as well. Being able to relax on a standard bed of my own, having the freedom of no one upstairs jumping on the floor or the room beside me having a party is calming.

Oh yeah, it has to have a nice bathroom too.

An SUV to Tow Behind the RV – A car, preferably an SUV, to tow behind the RV so I can park the RV and drive the short trips I need to travel. I figure it would be simple to do this than moving the RV now and then. A motorcycle would be nice, but taking other people would be better in an SUV. (Especially family)

A Laptop – No need to discuss this too much, but having a laptop brings many things into the mobile workplace that are needed. The ability to have speed and storage space available is one of those simple things that always helps.

High-Speed Internet Access – This is where an excellent mobile phone service with a hotspot is ideal. Hotel Wifi services are good, but many of them are not as secure as your hotspot. A good hotspot is suitable for email, internet surfing, etc., but also good for streaming shows.

Kindle – I have several different Kindles, and my favorite is the first one we ever owned. Over the years, we have acquired a few as gifts, personal purchases, given my bothers, etc. The oldest kindle is the best because all I want to do on the Kindle is read a book.  The oldest Kindle fills the requirement perfectly well.

Android Smartphone – That is a given. Everything from a GPS, downloadable maps, voice recorder, camera, video camera, word processor, PDF reader, ebook reader, store of documents and ids, and much more are all contained in one device.

 Gadgets that matter:

  • Wireless Mouse – I thoroughly dislike trackpads.
  • Backpack – for carrying everything all the time. A laptop bag is sufficient, but a backpack gives more support with all its stuff.
  • Carabiners – You can never have too many carabiners to hang stuff, lock stuff and hold stuff.
  • An Assortment of Sports Balls – Softball, baseball, t-ball, tennis ball, golf ball, but not used for sports. I used them as back supports and to roll against the wall or floor to work out the knots and spasms in my back.
  •  Iron – A good iron is essential to making sure your clothes look right. There is nothing like hearing a good message from a man whose clothes look horrible.
  • Sunglasses – I am always losing pairs of sunglasses; always.
  • Laundry Detergent – Let’s say I have been known to pack lightly and wash clothes in the shower or the sink. (yeah, it works)
  • A Cabinet of Coffee – Enough said.

What would make up your ideal travel list?