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I was born in a country of freedom, founded on principles written by earthly men who distilled faith in heavenly values. When I was born, our country was in a controversy regarding the presidency of Richard Nixon. President Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974, and a few months later I entered the world. Growing up in a country which aspires for all to be free was something I took for granted. I could wake up and go to school then come home and do whatever I wanted because I was blessed with freedom. It was a freedom I took for granted, but now appreciate much more.

I love my country.

I love our country.

I love our country in spite of its difficulties and faults. I will speak of our country in patriotic terms, and I will talk about its past failures with a hopeful desire for the future. Without mistakes and the knowledge gained from them, our country would never be what it is today.

The achievements of our country outweigh the mistakes made. It has been in our country’s influence in the world which has brought many to freedom around the globe. Our country has stepped in first and stayed when other countries have left. Sometimes we may have stayed too long, but we stayed because we care, not because we conquer.

The terrible events like Fort Pillow, the raids on unsuspecting Indians and others have not sealed our fate but given us a knowledge of wrong. Those events are part of the nation’s history, whether we like them or not. We must teach them along with the good. Recognizing the mistakes of the past allows one to be aware of the hope in the future.

I love our country because it is a republic; not a democracy. There is a difference, and the difference is vast. This republic, by which our country stands, allows you to do what you are doing today. It is something many will take for granted for all time until they are ripped of their freedom and thrown into a dictatorship.

I love our country because I have a choice to make in its leadership; many countries do not. Our leader is reevaluated every four years by the people. If the people are fed up, then they change; if they are happy, then they keep the same. If the people are smart, they will research then decide. As a great leader once said regarding the choice Americans make every four years, “Are you better off now than four years ago?”

I love our country because you can disagree. Our nation has freedom of speech still; even though there are some wishing to change that freedom. Our freedom of speech allows you to disagree with whomever you want. You can disagree with the wrong and still disagree with those that are right, but you can disagree without fear of being persecuted by a government of a dictatorship.

I love our country because people come to it. Our country is still that great bastion of hope for those outside its borders. Millions seek to enter our country each year because of its freedom. I do not read about people swimming to Cuba or migrating to Russia, because they know their fate in those lands. So, with future and hope in their hearts, they come here.

I love our country in spite of its difficulties and problems, do you?

I seek to make this land a better place, not for me, but for those who come after me, do you?

Just my thoughts,