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Now and then I sit down, open my journal and begin to write. Sometimes I write some rambling diatribe of incoherent thought, while other times the words pour onto the page with a compelling motive behind them.

The words below are those which filled a few pages in my journal a few years ago. Each word filled the page without taking a moment to reflect on what I was writing. When I was done, I sat back and read the words that I have placed below. They were not words to others, but words from my heart and they spoke profoundly to me.

Take a moment and see if they apply to you.

There comes a time in every man’s life where he must take a stand. It will take fortitude, courage, and determination to stand. Some people will leave, and others will stay, but you have to stand for you. The stand you take needs to be one of passionate conviction, or you will fall like others before you who did not honestly believe.

When you stand, stand as a convicted man; not the convictions of man, but the convictions of consistent truth. The consistent truth will lead to a steady stand. A stand for inconsistency will never do anything but make you look like a fool. Find the truth on which you stand and stand. Do not waver in the midst of words, but stand firmly convicted, convinced of the truth.

When you stand, stand in love. Without standing in love, no matter how convicted you may be, it will not turn out well in the end. Love is the factor that either adds too or, in its absence, takes away from the passionate convictions of your soul. Love is the hidden element that makes a stand work. Love is what holds you to the truth when the battles come and the attacks rage. Love will prevail because love does not hold its own. Love provides the strength by tying itself to truth.

When you stand, do not stand on unfirm ground. Search for the solid ground so you may endure the storms. Many times, solid ground is not where the crowds are standing. Only a fool will stand with someone just to stand. The wise stand because they have searched, examined and rely on, not only on their own experience but the experience of others.

When no one else is with you – stand, there is always someone. The truth attracts people who desire to stand as well. If you feel alone, be assured, you are not; countless others are standing with you. They will be there to hold you up, even when you do not know they are there or how they got there. Join with those of consistent truth. The company you keep will influence your stance. Do not make surround yourself just to be surrounded. Instead, surround yourself with people of truth. Let the united effort, and the effects of following truth, bond you with one another. The strength of the bond is not in yourselves but in people loving truth. It is the truth which creates the bond, but it is the love of truth, in every part, that strengthens the bond.

While you are standing, do not forget why you are standing. When you forget, you falter. Every stand has a purpose. A stand with no purpose is the stand of a fool. Consider your purpose often. Your purpose is the engine driving your stand. Your purpose should not be one of self, but one of truth. Removing self allows for a clearer vision of your purpose. Your purpose will become more powerful the more you stand. As your purpose becomes more powerful, you become more uncomfortable. The truth is a changing agent to bring you out of complacency and into the work. It is not any work, but it is the work of truth. The truth will pierce the heart and spirit to convict you of your purpose. Those who stand without a purpose stand as fools; their feet are just taking up space. They need to move, but complacency fools them into believing the shifting sand below their feet is them moving. They perceive to be standing, but they are falling — falling into a dreaded spiral leading to their demise.

Many you know will not stand. They will not work to find the truth, even though it is not far. The path of least resistance will be their guide and unfulfillment will be their end.

For you — stand! Know where you stand, why you stand and the purpose of truth. In these, you will not find the acceptance of man, but the acceptance of ONE much greater.

Now, I will stand. Whether man be for me or against me, I will stand. I will stand for my family, my friends and lastly, for me. In the legacy I leave, I will be glad that my stand was founded upon the truth — and it only.

Just my thoughts,