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Why Another website?

Well, why not?

Seriously, why not have another blog?

Since first beginning to write online in 2005 and then created the Preacher’s Pen website in 2006 there have been many times where I wanted to write a variety of things, but due felt it did not fit the theme of the Preacher’s Pen.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Preacher’s Pen website is my personal ministry website seeking to assist others in creating better days today for a better life tomorrow based on the teaching of Jesus Christ. There are free resources, articles and more; just go on over and check out the Preacher’s Pen.

As a result of a variety of recent events, I found it necessary to establish another place on the ever-growing internet to share information, review products, give some tips, and even the occasional great rambling moments of life.

So, here we are; the website is now a reality.

Now, where do we go from here?

First, subscribe my newsletter.

The Newsletter will come out on Monday Mornings just in time for your weekly dose of craziness. It will probably be the most random newsletter you will receive, but you will find something good from it.

Why a newsletter? Over the past few months, the Social Media outlets have changed the way you see information from family and friends. As a result, not everything that you want to see is available and you have to search through the feed. Having a newsletter arrive by email enables you to read it at your convenience so you do not miss the craziness that might ensue. Sign up today, by clicking here.

Second, be sure to connect on social media.

While social media is a great communication tool, it is also a little bit of dramatic crazies posting every day. My social media accounts will reflect the same atmosphere as this website: ramblings, musings, and writings. There will be photos ranging from food, coffee, scenery, motivational photos and more.

Keeping up on social media will be a benefit because you will enjoy the happenings as they happen. Be sure to contact me through social media as well so we are compare notes, ideas, and writings.

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 So, why another website?

Well, if you are still wondering why another blog? I suggest you sign up for the email newsletter and see what awaits. You can sign-up by clicking here.

Have fun and we will talk again soon,