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As some of you know, I love giving people opportunities to better their skills and broaden their horizons. I believe each person has been given a set of skills based on their personality and we are asked to use those skills to better the world.  When each one uses their skill set, a great purpose and work ethic are discovered, and the results are a life well lived.

Occasionally, I run across different opportunities for individuals that I usually share privately or on my Facebook page, but these current opportunities are a little different.  These are open to anyone willing to write a few words on a topic they enjoy.

To this end, I have run across several writing opportunities that are available to a select few looking to get into writing, sharpen their writing skills, or find their articles online to begin to create a small portfolio of their work.

The opportunities I have are on a voluntary basis, and there is no current financial compensation for these offers. However, this is something that you can use to enhance and further your writing skills and get published on a blog or more.

Due to the opportunities being voluntary, there are no deadlines, no contracts, and no one peering over your should demand information. You set your schedule. You can start and stop submitting articles at any time.

Still want to know more? Read on below.

The Current Opportunities Available Are:

A Coffee Blog – If you are a coffee enthusiast, a coffee drink, or a coffee addict, this opportunity might be for you. This opportunity is for an article or two to be published on a coffee website.

A Survival Blog – Are you a prepper? Maybe you are not even a prepper? Maybe you are someone who likes tactical and survival topics? If so, there is a writing opportunity for you. This opportunity is available for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to write about topics/issues about outdoor recreation and living.

A Men’s Blog – An opportunity has arisen for someone to write on a blog about men. The blog centers around men’s products, but opportunities are available for writers to discuss topics that deal with men’s issues, likes, and anything surrounding men.

A Christmas Product Blog – Are you a Christmas person? You know what I mean, those people who are already countdown the days to Christmas? If you are, then here is the opportunity to write for a blog dealing with Christmas gifts.  You can write your favorite Christmas stories, humor or even a sentimental story.

A Journaling Blog – Do you like journaling? Do you have ideas to share regarding journaling? This is an opportunity to write about journaling and products. Use your current experience in journaling and begin writing articles.

Additional Opportunities:

There might be other opportunities coming in the future. Each of these opportunities will cover a different niche.

The availability of the additional opportunities are being considered, but the final details are not finished at this time. Once the final plans are complete, writers will be considered in terms of their previous experience. These opportunities listed above will give you the experience and skills to take your writing to the next level. Those who are currently writing will be considered before any new applications.

The Opportunity Qualifications:

  • Each article must be at minimum 500 words; preferably 1,000.
  • The graphics for each article will be provided. If you would like to use one of your pictures with the article, permission must be granted as well as your name with the photo stating it is your photo.
  • The article(s) will be published on schedule for that particular website. When you are articles are finalized, you will be alerted to the publishing date.
  • Your name will be listed as the author of the article, and your contact information may be posted on the article if you desire. Your contact information may include your name, email, social media information, etc.
  • Your article might appear in the website’s newsletter if one is available. The newsletters are sent on a recurring basis.
  • This is your opportunity. You can start and stop and any time. There are no deadlines or contracts; it is purely voluntary.
  • You are free to apply for multiple opportunities if you are interested.

The Fun Stuff:

Your article will be shared on several locations to drive traffic to the specific website. The article will be published from time to time across multiple forms of social media. (examples: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.)

Each article submission is on a voluntary basis with no financial compensation offered. By submitting an article, you are acknowledging that you are not accepting, or expecting to accept any compensation for your article.

The submitted articles will be reviewed, and slight changes might be made to the formatting, the grammar, spelling errors, etc. The changes will not affect the overall article, and those changes will be shared with you before publication.

The Good Stuff:

Are you looking to write for one of the opportunities above? If you are looking to get started, email me and I will send you more details of the opportunities.

The good stuff is this can be used as a way to meet your writing goals and work on a project to begin to build your portfolio. This can be your start to enhancing your writing or strengthen your communication skills.

Are you still interested?

Let’s talk!

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